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Innovare Completes Scoping Study for Potential Greenfield Potash Project

In April 2019, Innovare completed a scoping study for a new solution mining potash project to be located outside of North America.  The study work included wellfield layout, cavern design, process flowsheets and mass and energy balance calculations, utility requirements, Opex and conceptual Capex calculations.  Multiple production rate scenarios were examined.

Due to the absences of a purchased power requirement, the study showed a savings in excess of $20 USD per metric ton of MOP potash for the SMERP process and a natural gas based plant energy system.

Innovare technologies ltd

Innovare technologies ltd

Innovare Receives USPTO Patent For SMERP Process

On November 21, 2017 Innovare Technologies Ltd was granted patent protection from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for their Selective Mining Enhanced Recovery Process (SMERP) - patent number: US 9,822,013 B1.

The patent is based on a unique equipment selection and detail heat and material balance calculations.  The design results in lower capital and operating cost requirements for solution mined minerals such as potash, soda ash (via decahydrate), and other minerals having normal solubility with temperature (solubility limit goes down with decreasing temperature).

Innovare Receives Canadian patent protection for their SMERP Process

On 04-January-2004, Innovare received a Notice of Allowance for Canadian patent protection from the Canadian Intellectual Property Office – Application No. : 2,956,457


Innovare technologies ltd